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February 23, 2000

Taking the Bill of Rights to 500 Million More People!

To encourage Spanish-speaking Americans to cherish and celebrate the Bill of Rights, JPFO has created a Spanish-language web page. The new web page contains a translation of the Bill of Rights and an editorial about it, prepared by a Spanish-speaking JPFO supporter:

The editorial explains how important the Bill of Rights is to American freedom, and why it should be celebrated. It also points out the significance of December 15 as Bill of Rights Day and encourages readers to commemorate that date every year.

We encourage every JPFO supporter to forward this new web page to Spanish language newspapers, computer bulletin boards and Internet sites where it might be appropriate. Pass the article to Spanish-speaking relatives and friends, too. The Cuban- American community in Florida would be an excellent place to start, but the article would fit into any Spanish-speaking forum in the world. As there are over 500 million Spanish- speakers living today, the possibilities are endless.

Alberto Krimer, the JPFO supporter who translated this material, has pointed out that most people in South America will have trouble believing that the Bill of Rights actually limits government and guarantees individual rights. Many folks raised in those lands have learned to distrust and to place little faith in government promises of freedom and rights. That fact makes it even more important to get the good news of the Bill of Rights into their hands, especially if they live in America now.

JPFO firmly believes in "all of the Bill of Rights for all citizens." We must help all citizens understand these Constitutional rights and protections. We must make clear how crucial it is to protect and preserve the Bill of Rights. For native speakers of Spanish, this new web page just might set some hearts afire for liberty.

Note: If you or anyone you know is bilingual in English and another language, JPFO would love to translate this or other articles into other languages. Please contact the Thank you!

--The Liberty Crew

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