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March 27, 2000

JPFO Wants to Give You Money
-- Will You Take It??

Do you want to put the gun prohibitionists on the defensive?

Do you want to make the media froth at the mouth?

Do you want the public to reject victim disarmament?

Do you want to do these three things, and have the government to actually help "pay" for them?

You can do it in YOUR CITY with our new matching funds program. A highly patriotic JPFO member has made money available to help pay for billboards featuring eye-catching JPFO artwork. You or your local group can really make a difference ... at half the cost!

Why Billboards?

Billboards can be the most cost-effective way to win hearts and minds. Why? Because one picture can say a thousand words in just a few seconds -- and the image goes directly into the brain -- hundreds and thousands of times per day. Pictures generate emotional understanding like no other communication tool. He who wins hearts and minds, wins the battle of ideas!

If the public develops a negative reaction to "gun control" schemes, then the politicians will notice. Billboards can quickly and effectively cause people to distrust and eventually ridicule "gun control" rhetoric -- and that is exactly what we need.

How Matching Funds Double Your Money

Here is the deal:

Committed supporters of freedom raise 50% of the cost of a billboard, and send that to the JPFO matching funds program. That money counts as a donation to JPFO, and is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law for the donors. (JPFO is a 501c(3) tax-exempt educational organization.)

JPFO will add in the other 50% of the cost, and then commission the billboard.

Typical billboards are "30-sheet" style about 11 feet by 22 feet. Depending upon location, they usually cost between $1,100 and $1,500 for one month display rental. Compare that cost with a full-page advertisement in a newspaper that can cost thousands of dollars for just one day ... and forgotten the next day.

Have JPFO Billboards Succeeded Before?

Billboards really work. JPFO has successfully used billboards before to raise public awareness of the issues. For example, JPFO ran the blockbusting billboard that shows the monster Adolf Hitler giving the Nazi salute and saying "All in favor of 'gun control' raise your right hand." The billboard grabbed attention worldwide because the Associated Press carried a story about it. Even German and Israeli magazines noticed it.

The "Gun Control is Racist" billboards posted in Milwaukee's inner city drew a strong media and public reaction -- and might have helped convince citizens to support a Second Amendment-type provision to be added to the state constitution. That provision was approved by 73% of voters statewide.

JPFO urged pro-freedom activists in Missouri to use our approach in the predominantly African-American section of St. Louis during a referendum on concealed carry. Unfortunately, those activists rejected our suggestion, and then spent hundreds of thousands of dollars ... and lost.

By-pass the Media and Save Our Rights

We face the most serious national challenge to the right to keep and bear arms that has ever appeared. The anti-self defense and victim disarmament lobby is doing everything possible to destroy our rights, and they have powerful mainstream media support. You can make a huge impact to fight their effort if you take advantage of this marvelous opportunity to DOUBLE the effect of your pro-gun dollars.

The billboard matching fund program is easy, and it's the most powerful way for you to fight back. Billboards by-pass the mainstream media. Billboards speak the message all day long, without being interrupted or cut off or censored by news manipulators. You just can't get a better deal to influence public opinion.

Matching Fund Program: It's Easy!

Here's all you do. By e-mail or fax, provide JPFO with:

JPFO will help you choose the best billboard graphic, and then make it happen!

Limited Time Opportunity -- Call Now!

Please contact me at JPFO today. Even if you have only some of the needed information, but want to pursue the program, call me with what you have.

The matching funds won't last forever, so it is first come, first served. To maximize the effect of the billboard campaign and to get the best advertising value, JPFO reserves the right to make the final decision about whether to provide the matching funds in any given situation. JPFO will let you know its decision before you send in the money, of course!

This matching funds opportunity may be here but a short time. Let me hear from you as soon as possible. There is too much at stake to delay even a day.

Yours in liberty,
Aaron Zelman

Phone: 262-673-9745
Fax: 262-673-9746

P.S.: If you're excited about the program but cannot get all the resources and information together, you can still help. You can send your private contribution to the matching funds program -- just note "matching funds" on the check or when you call with a credit card -- and JPFO will use that money to post billboards in key cities. You still get the tax deduction -- and the money is DOUBLED! Now is the time to act, and your help will really make a difference ... guaranteed!

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