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April 22, 2000

Federal Agents Storm Private Residence Before Dawn

Federal agents stormed a private residence at 5 a.m. on Saturday, April 22, 2000. Their mission was to capture a six-year-old boy, Elian Gonzalez, from his sleeping quarters. The agents were carrying out orders to take young Elian out of the house by force and reunite him with his father, Juan Gonzalez, in Washington, D.C. Mr. Gonzalez' expressed intention is to return with the boy to Cuba.

The federal agents numbered approximately 20. They smashed down the front fence gate and then smashed down the front door of the home with a battering ram. Carrying automatic rifles, the agents reportedly demanded the boy be turned over to them, or else they would "shoot" the adults in the home.

In a few minutes time, the federal agents obtained the screaming child at gunpoint and whisked him into a waiting van. Outside, federal agents, guns drawn, held protesters face down on the ground. As the vans drove away, the federal agents launched pepper spray into the crowd.

No documents we have found suggest that the federal agents had a warrant to arrest and seize the boy. They operated at the direction of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, a division of the Department of Justice.

We have located no court order to seize the boy. The agents operated under the authority of Attorney General Janet Reno.

We have found no provision in the U.S. Constitution that authorizes the federal government to make and enforce custody decisions. We have found no provision in the U.S. Constitution that authorizes warrantless home invasions to capture innocent persons.

Whether the "right" thing is to return Elian to his father and ultimately to communist Cuba or not, this show of federal force in a custody dispute should worry every American.

Just imagine how much violent force the Attorney General will authorize to seize "illegal firearms" held by otherwise nonviolent citizens who refuse to voluntarily hand over their guns.

Many Americans don't see this issue. That is a serious problem.

We have a potentially large block of supporters among Spanish- speaking people all across America -- particularly among those who know what communist Cuba is like. You can take a bold step for liberty immediately. Here's how:

Copy the Spanish-language version of the Bill of Rights (and the article with it) and send it to every Spanish-language media outlet in the country. Even if you send a copy to just a handful of newspapers or radio stations, via fax or e-mail, you will be helping to get the word out.

Click on and spread the word!

For Americans who don't know their Bill of Rights, now is the time to send them a copy of Gran'pa Jack's Common Sense. When people know the history and the language of their rights, perhaps they'll see the INS home invasion a little differently.

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The Liberty Crew

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