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June 7, 2005


The JPFO production _Innocents Betrayed_ has just won a Certificate for Creative Excellence (third place) in the Documentary category of the U.S. International Film and Video Festival (

The festival received entries from more than 30 countries. Innocents Betrayed had to shine among literally hundreds of other documentaries. Many of our competitors were big- budget productions by heavy hitters in government, international commerce, and the media.

When you consider the obstacles we had to overcome, a third-place award for this small, controversial film is a truly astonishing achievement. Many film festivals would have rejected Innocents Betrayed out of hand due to its pro-gun subject matter. No one would ever have expected an international panel of judges to single Innocents Betrayed out for special honors.

Every person who supported IB should be deservedly proud of this achievement.

The greatest honor for IB, of course, has been the testimonies we've received to its effectiveness ( Show Innocents Betrayed to anti-gunners ... and they often turn instantly into self-defense supporters. NO other film, book, or video can make that claim.

To celebrate, and to help win over the hearts of our anti- gun friends and family members, we're offering your choice of four special deals. These deals are good ONLY THROUGH JUNE 20.

So take your choice! And stockpile this valuable freedom ammo now:

Click here for the special:

DEAL NO. 1: INNOCENTS BETRAYED DVD -- Just $22.95 postpaid. Save $7.00! For VHS, add $4.00.

DEAL NO. 2: INNOCENTS BETRAYED DVD + I WILL LIVE FREE MUSIC CD -- Just $32.95. Save a total of $14.91! ("I Will Live Free" is normally $17.91 postpaid) For VHS, add $4.00.

DEAL NO. 3: INNOCENTS BETRAYED DVD + BATFE FAILS THE TEST DVD DOCUMENTARY -- Just $32.95. Save a total of $14.76! ("BATFE Fails the Test" is normally $17.76 postpaid) For VHS, add $4.00.

DEAL NO. 4: INNOCENTS BETRAYED DVD + *BOTH* I WILL LIVE FREE *AND* BATFE FAILS THE TEST -- Just $39.95. Save a total of $25.67! For VHS, add $4.00.

With Independence Day and Father's Day just around the corner, buy all three and set off some major freedom fireworks!

The Liberty Crew

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