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The list below shows information as to how many listings are in a state, plus a brief clue as to available services from flyout tool tips. The state pages have been on the earlier JPFO format for some time but we are pleased to have now updated these (March 2012).

July 2012 - NOTE - we have one addition across all states - "Apple Law Firm PLLC - Gun Trust Lawyer®'s in all States".

Alabama (1)

Alaska (1)

Arizona (7)

Arkansas (2)


Colorado (3)

Connecticut (4)

Delaware (1)

Florida (6)

Georgia (4)

Hawaii (1)

Idaho (3)

Illinois (2)

Indiana (3)

Iowa (2)

Kansas (1)

Kentucky (2)

Louisiana (2)

Maine (3)

Maryland (2)

Massachusetts (1)

Michigan (2)

Minnesota (5)

Mississippi (1)

Missouri (2)

Montana (1)

Nebraska (1)

Nevada (4)

New Hampshire (2)

New Jersey (4)

New Mexico (3)

New York (5)

North Carolina (2)

North Dakota (1)

Ohio (3)

Oklahoma (1)

Oregon (6)

Pennsylvania (8)

Rhode Island (1)

South Carolina (1)

South Dakota (1)

Tennessee (2)

Texas (7)

Utah (2)

Vermont (2)

Virginia (2)

Washington (4)

West Virginia (1)

Wisconsin (3)

Wyoming (2)


Do you want to help educate more people on how to destroy "gun control"? Do you have a product or service you'd like to offer to your fellow gun owners?

Then list it in the JPFO Gun Owners' Business and Service Directory. This is a great way for business people to reach gun owners, and a great way for gun owners to make sure they're buying from Second Amendment-friendly companies.

This is a great way to get people to come to the JPFO web site and get educated about the dangers of "gun control". JPFO members pay a low $10 per year for a listing. Non members pay $15. In both cases, the fee includes any updates or changes to your listing for a period of one year.

Here's a sample listing to show the layout and headings we use - please follow this guide when submitting your information. —

Jews For The Preservation of Firearms Ownership, Inc.

Personal name if wished
P.O. Box 270143
Hartford, WI 53027

Phone (800) 869-1884
Fax (425) 451-3959
E-mail address:
Web site:
Hours: irregular 24/7

Description: Defending the right to self defense for everyone. (Try and keep your description content fairly brief, thank you.)


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To submit a listing - print out the PDF sign-up form, type or legibly hand-print your listing information and fax to 1-262-673-9746 with your credit card information (not ideal for security), or preferably mail to the address at the foot of this page with your check, money order, or credit card information.

Alternatively - go to the JPFO Business Listing order page to make payment, and using the PDF form field categories as a guide, enter data in the cart comment section - or, email the information including your order number and filled categories, to email.

JPFO provides this directory as a service to our members and to the Internet community. Listing does not imply an endorsement by JPFO. JPFO has no financial ties to any business listed in this directory, and reserves the right to refuse a listing and/or remove a listing for any reason.


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