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June 10, 2005

What are You Going to Do?

Watch this police video ASAP, before it is taken down from the Internet. video4.html (or )

The police video shows the stop and arrest of a woman driver in Florida. She was stopped for speeding and having a brake light not functioning. She protested the stop and asked for the officer's name and unit number. The officer delayed answering her questions and belittled them.

The officer later expanded his grounds for stopping the woman to include having a broken windshield and her not wearing a seat belt.

Note: the woman committed no violent act and had not endangered anyone up to the time of the stop.

The officer told the woman to stay in the car while he radioed for information. The officer apparently learned via the radio that the woman's driver's license was suspended.

The woman started to call a contact person on her cell phone, but the officer returned to her car and told her to put the phone down and get out of the car. The officer was preparing to arrest the woman for driving on a suspended license.

The officer did not know whom the woman was calling, but the officer did not allow the woman to complete her telephone conversation.

The woman did not want to exit the vehicle until she finished with the telephone call. The officer did not wait any time at all before ordering the woman out, and when she delayed and protested, he threatened several times and then deployed the Taser device against her once or twice.

Getting Tasered means having two metal darts shot into your body, and then having 50,000 volts zapped into you via the wires connected to the darts.

Note well: the woman was arrested because of a paperwork violation, not because she had committed any crime that endangered or harmed anyone. The woman was Tasered because she did not immediately obey the officer's commands, and because she resisted the officer's taking the phone out of her hands and his trying to extract her from the car.

Was this arrest proper? Did the officer use the appropriate amount of force? The legal answers are for a judge and jury.

For gun owners, the message is clear. This video shows one real way that "gun control" laws will be enforced against you. As registration and licensing and other so-called reasonable "gun control" laws are enacted, your risk of breaking those laws increases. A paperwork violation will be enforced; the enforcers will use batons, Tasers, pepper spray, or sidearms to take you down and bring you in.

Watch the video, especially segment 3.

Ask yourself what you would do when they come for you or someone you love -- on account of a gun law paperwork violation. video4.html

If you don't like the prospect of forcible arrest for a paperwork violation, then you need to help us turn Americans against "gun control" at every level.

We have the educational tools to help: books and booklets for all ages, fiction and non-fiction, articles and essays and videos. Get some tools and go to work.

You can't quote the Second Amendment while you're jerking and writhing at the business end of a Taser.

The Liberty Crew

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