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June 27, 2005

Warnings in Chapter 15 of Death by "Gun Control" Proved Correct

Remember Chapter 15 of our book, Death by "Gun Control," entitled: "Zimbabwe: None So Blind"?

In 2001, when Death by "Gun Control" was published, the Zimbabwe government's program of disarming farmers and taking their land was underway. Some people had already been killed, and we predicted that the Zimbabweans were facing a national persecution at the hands of their government.

We wrote:

"The lesson of Zimbabwe: Minorities who fail to prepare for self-defense against their own government are easy targets of the Genocide Formual. A good government will never try to render its citizens defenseless -- an evil government always will." (Pp. 194-195)

Zimbabwe in 2005 is a hell hole of horrific human suffering and government decreed death. Like the Soviet Terror Famine and several of the Red Chinese ecomonic programs that killed thousands and millions, the Zimbabwean government has begun a national campaign of destroying homes and businesses.

Cathy Buckle, a resident of Zimbabwe and author of two books about its government-designed self-destruction, wrote last week:

"I am in deep shock at the situation in Marondera as the government's 'Operation Restore Order' to cleanse the town has gone into its third week. Everywhere you look you see only desperation, fear and shock on people's faces. Everyone is saying the same thing : 'But why are they doing this to us, what are we going to do, where can we go, we are going to die.'

"On a short drive around Marondera town the aftermath is there for all who care to see. There are mounds of rubble on street corners, stacks of timber, tin and asbestos piled on road sides, dismantled pre-fabricated houses leaning against trees and people staring in shock at what was there one day and gone the next."

We at JPFO urge you to visit two websites and read what is currently happening to the Zimbabwean people.

You need to see exactly what is happening there, because it is exactly what happens when evil governments reign in disarmed countries.

The Zimbabwean government is committing atrocities against its own people of the exact same sort as what the British did to the American colonists -- and worse. The American colonists rose up against the British government and overthrew its rule by force of arms.

In Zimbabwe, however, the people are victims of horrors against which they cannot now effectively fight. The peope are disarmed in fact and in spirit.

If you dismiss the Terror Famine and the Red Chinese horrors and the Cambodian genocide as ancient history, then you need to read about Zimbabwe *now* !

Take 15 minutes and see how disarmament and deliberate government economic and "law and order" policies are endangering millions and killing thousands -- *right now."

Click on:

and visit the articles archived on the left column under "Cathy's Letters." Cathy Buckle is on-site, a life-long Zimbabwe resident, and she has seen and heard it all. Years ago Cathy Buckle warned about the house-to-house disarmament, she described the thousands of farm confiscations, and she has continuously reported the resulting national famine. Now she reports the government's destruction of homes and property that aims to force people to submit, relocate and die.

Click also on:

and read the articles posted there. These articles are written by Zimbabwean journalists and observers on-site.


To understand the mechanisms of genocide, like the mechanisms currently taking operating in Zimbabwe, get and read Death by "Gun Control."

With the insights you gain from that book, you will be able to understand how man's inhumanity to man can become government policy that kills millions.

With the cold facts of history and today, you can unmask the advocates of "gun control" and big government, and expose them for what they are: the carriers of killer ideology.

Click on these websites and get educated -- for the sake of the victims of the looming genocide in Zimbabwe. As pro-liberty activists, you owe it to them to care enough to know how they suffered and died. Perhaps their plight can help save others ... through you.

Q: "What happens when the protectors become the predators?"

A: Zimbabwe.

The Liberty Crew

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