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July 1, 2005

Len Savage Exposes the Phony "Science"
Behind BATFE Firearms Testing

You've heard stories about decades of brutal enforcement by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. You've read horror tales about entrapment and arbitrary enforcement.

You were an eyewitness when one incompetent BATFE "expert" tried to ruin an innocent man's life by claiming a malfunctioning semi-automatic rifle was an illegal machine gun (

Now Len Savage, one of the only firearms-makers with the courage to challenge the BATFE, has written a paper exposing the shockingly bad "science" behind that agency's firearms testing procedures. JPFO has just published the report online.

Len explains in clear, dispassionate detail:

* That BATFE "experts" sometimes don't even know what they're looking at when they examine a firearm.

* How the agency uses completely arbitrary standards to determine whether a semi-automatic firearm can be "easily converted" to a machine gun

* How the BATFE conducts ridiculous and dangerous tests that have no application to the real world

* That the agency sometimes appears to set up tests simply to "prove" whatever conclusion they've already decided upon.

You can read Len's full report online, exclusively at JPFO:


"Why the ATF's Firearm Testing Procedures are Scientifically Invalid"
By Len Savage
Owner, Historical Arms LLC


At just 2500 words Len's expose is short and concise -- and packed with dynamite information.

People within the firearms industry have known these disgraceful facts for years. But they're too timid to speak. Publications catering to the industry are aware of the BATFE's sloppy "science," but they fear to publish the simple truths.

JPFO is proud to join once again with Len Savage in exposing the ATF's outrageous conduct.

Don't let Len's courage be in vain. Don't let the decades- long coverup continue. Make these facts more widely known. Read Len's article, then post a link to it from your blog or from firearm-related discussion forums. Print out copies and put them into the hands of opinion leaders in your community. Spread the word far and wide!

Remember -- if you own a semi-automatic firearm, the ATF could decide tomorrow that it's an "illegal machine gun." YOUR life could be ruined next -- as hundreds, even thousands, of others have been.

This report contains truth ammo that could have the power to stop the ATF before the ATF tries to stop you.

The Liberty Crew

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