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July 15, 2005

Readers Rave
Special Free Book Offer Extended

Readers continue to rave about the new adventure novel RebelFire: Out of the Gray Zone.

"Awesome ..." "Fast-moving ..." "Exciting ..." Inspiring ..." (See more below)

If you haven't yet gotten your copy, we've extended our special Independence Offer through July 21st -- Buy just $44.95 in JPFO merchandise and get a copy of RebelFire: Out of the Gray Zone absolutely FREE. (

And don't forget, you can also buy the book as a Secret Rebel (

Now, we'll step aside and let the growing number of fans tell you why you'll want to own RebelFire: Out of the Gray Zone:



[In] RebelFire: Out of the Gray Zone Zelman and Wolfe issue a challenge to re-kindle the spirit that one person matters and can break the mold to [reclaim] freedom. Clearly Wolfe and Zelman represent for the 21stscentury what Ayn Rand was to the 20th century. Thank you showing that the human spirit must shine in all its radiant color.

Host of "Erskine Overnight"
Syndicated radio show



Hi there. Sixteen and just finished the book ...

Honestly I prefer "Young Adult" books to adult books since they get to the point quicker without all that pesky drawl on details.

And this was no exception. It was a beautiful read, and still has me brooding over some parts. The non-lethal crowd control... the whole medication bits. I'm passing the book onto two of my friends fairly soon and I'm certain that we'll have one of our "round table talks" about it. It was very good, very 1984--except for a younger audience. Well- written. Dare I say "cool"? Yeah. It was cool. Riveting.

It was good enough for me to avoid all human contact while I was reading it and to get slightly annoyed when bothered. It was hard in the middle of conversations to think on the conversation and not have my mind drift to the book. I still hardly remember some of the talks I had with my mother while I was reading it.

This was awesome... and I cannot wait for the sequel(s??).

Tessitore, age 16



Claire Wolfe and Aaron Zelman have another home run. Out of the Gray Zone is a riveting tale that will amuse and inspire those who, like the novel's young hero, were never meant to be controlled.

James Bovard
Author of _The Bush Betrayal_ and _Terrorism and Tyranny_



In my personal opinion, this book was one of the best that I have ever read. It was excellent! The book was easy to read most of the time. Overall, the book was 95% easy to understand, the only parts that made things complicated and had to be reread were the introduction of the futuristic technology and its description and following that specific technology throughout the book and distinguishing it from other technologies due to only mild variations in each form.

This book would appeal to people from ages 11 to roughly late 20s and early-to-mid 30s. The main thing that kept me interested throughout the book was the element of suspense; you would never know what would happen to the main character next. Also, the element of adventure kept me interested throughout the book as the character made his journey from home to his destination.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys rock music and/or has an association with it. I would also recommend it to anyone who enjoys stories of adventure, science fiction, or suspense.

Alex Schuett, Age 14



My daughter started her copy, but set it down for a bit, because she had to do some prep for some classes she is teaching and was afraid she would not be able to put the book down and get her prep done. So, I grabbed it and just finished it today. What a great read that was.




No kidding - I have never read a sci fi book that so effortlessly flowed from page to mind to imagination to understanding. This is an exceptional book - as good as any sci fi or future-world novel I've ever read. Just by comparison: George Orwell's 1984, the deservedly-revered benchmark in the genre, is slow and plodding by comparison to RebelFire. Yet RebelFire tells a comparable story and transmits a related message but so much more clearly. ...

Yet Jeremy has a passion for music and excitement, and he starts to find ways to subtly rebel... and then he makes some fateful decisions that launch him into a very new and dangerous world.

It's a wonderful story featuring colorful characters and fast-moving action. There's a very special girl ... and a wonderful dog ... who play key roles in Jeremy's ascent to freedom of mind and soul. I won't give away the ending - it's a rush!

This story could so easily become a screenplay for a movie or miniseries. Every sentence is perfect. If you like the TV series "24" - the danger, the strategies, the unpredictability, the struggle - then you'll like this book. ...

I don't think Larry Niven or Ayn Rand or Isaac Asimov wrote anything more entertaining than this.

Richard W. Stevens
Author of _Dial 911 and Die_


7. I am telling everyone I know to buy and read this book.

Marinelle Thompson
Second Amendment Sisters



One can't help but cheer for Jeremy as he comes to grips with a society where freedom has been forgotten, where music, games and moods are managed by government, and where privacy is a myth.

A good read for teens and adults manages to be exciting, depressing, and hopeful all at the same time.

T.G. Peterson



Claire Wolfe and Aaron Zelman's ... first fiction collaboration takes another great step forward.

At first glance, it's another book of the rapidly growing "libertarian revolutionary" genre characterized by Unintended Consequences, Enemies Foreign and Domestic, Molon Labe, and The Black Arrow. I say "at first glance," because the book distinguishes itself from the others for several reasons. The main one is age of readership. UC and BA both are pretty racy for kids and people uncomfortable about sex. However, RebelFire isn't very racy (the main character isn't even 18), so it has the chance of appealing to a greater audience.

Another difference is the age of the protagonist. In almost all the books of this genre, the main characters are old enough to remember the "good ole days" before the laws encroached enough to make everyone a criminal. Their rebellion is of course understandable. Jeremy on the other hand is quite young, and has grown up in a police state never knowing what true freedom is like. His mental and emotional progression is believable. ... The protagonist starts the book with crazy ideas and eventually gets educated in the way the world works. This metamorphosis is believable because the main character is an adolescent and more willing to change his mind than someone over 30.




Jeremy, by nature, is independent in thought and action. He is willing to take action to defend his independence and what he thinks is right. That's difficult to do. He does it well. He shows us where we, as a society, may be going, if we sit and watch our independence slowly dissolve. Thank you Claire, Aaron and Jeremy for taking action.

Mark M. Eschbach



I took the medicine of reading RebelFire to heart. ... [T]he haunting Police State Gulag the book described, all the technologies and strategies are being employed today to make the book a reality if we the people don't stand up and say no. I am going to give it to my 14 year old son ... and hopefully he can see the reality he will most likely have to face in the future from reading this book, and be forewarned, help to revert the planned destiny ... and bring us back to the path of liberty, independence, and creative self expression without the need for a Homeland Security and Serenity department.

Arthur J. Saarinen


Enter the world of RebelFire:

- The Liberty Crew

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