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July 22, 2005

"The Last Gun Store in America"?

In the wake of the Supreme Court's June 23 ruling that governments can take anyone's property and give it to those richer and better connected, we're watching two contradictory trends.

On the plus side, many states are rushing to try to prevent such outrageous misuses of the power of eminent domain.

On the corrupt side, many municipalities, from Washington, DC, to Freeport, TX, to Daytona Beach, FL, expedited their plans to steal property the moment the Supreme Court gave the green light. (See links below.)

It remains to be seen whether the abusers or the protectors will win. But currently, in all but eight states, the property marauders have the advantage.

While we're waiting to see what happens, consider this. The _Kelo_ decision easily enables local governments to close gun stores or shooting ranges.

What if some city councilperson and his developer pals think your local range would be a great site for a golf course? And of course, everybody knows that firearms- related businesses "blight" the neighborhoods in which they stand. How much "nicer" to have a hotel or a glitzy shopping mall on that block!

We're not counseling alarm -- yet. But those who wish to protect private property have a long haul. They've got to pass legislation, and even state constitutional amendments. In the meantime, it's not just your home or business that's at risk. Once again, a court ruling seemingly unrelated to guns or the Second Amendment potentially threatens your right to purchase and use firearms.

Keep your eyes open and your mind alert.

- The Liberty Crew


The Castle Coalition to save private property
(JPFO takes no position on any legislation or proposed political action; we provide this link for background information on this issue.)

States move to limit misuse of eminent domain or

DC wants a ballpark or

Freeport, Texas only waits hours before moving to seize businesses voa23.cfm or

Daytona Beach, Florida, thinks only the well-off should access the waterfront or

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