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September 29, 2005

Schumer & Feinstein -- They Aren't Hypocrites At All

We've received a flurry of letters regarding revelations that Senator Charles Schumer has a concealed weapons permit, as does Senator Dianne Feinstein. Given their historical anti-gun stance, doesn't this make them hypocrites?

Absolutely not, says JPFO.

Schumer, Feinstein and their ilk firmly believe that government officials and agents should have access to firearms, but civilians should not. They are arrogant people who believe that elected officials and their agents are better, smarter, more important and more trustworthy than the citizens.

That is the view of socialism -- rule by "experts" because the people cannot arrange their own affairs. Naturally, the "experts" need to be protected against the commoners, who (they believe) are typically stupid and dangerous.

No, neither Feinstein nor Schumer are hypocrites. They are simply tyrants who believe that the laws they impose should only apply to the rabble. The real question is why such a clear double standard is tolerated in America, where all citizens are supposedly equal.

The answer? Because Americans don't understand their rights. They believe that any policy, legislation, or regulation is by definition "lawful"...that is to say, Constitutional. But we know better. And as more Americans learn the true meaning of the Bill of Rights, so will they.

JPFO asks you to help bring back a Bill of Rights culture by ordering one (or more!) copies of Bill of Rights or Bust ( Help Americans understand that just because some politician wants to take away your rights, doesn't mean that he can.

- The Liberty Crew

PS Watch for a new "Talkin' to America" audio interview ( with Howard Linnette, author of Surviving Terrorism on the Streets of Jerusalem, published by Paladin Press. Wait 'til you learn what our government is not telling Americans.

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