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December 1, 2005


For years, supporters of the Second Amendment have complained that the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) tends to "cherry-pick" the rights that they defend, promoting some while turning a blind eye to others. Of particular concern, of course, is the ACLU's tendency to ignore rights violations when firearms are involved ... even when it isn't the Second Amendment being violated!

We at JPFO believe that the Bill of Rights must be protected in its entirety. As one avowed liberal proclaimed (while ordering dozens of our Gran'pa Jack Bill of Rights booklets!), "You can't separate the Bill of Rights and say, 'I want this part, but not that part''"

Darn straight. And that's why we make it a point to promote December 15 as Bill of Rights Day every year. We don't discriminate, either; we want ALL the Bill of Rights, for ALL citizens!

But this year, we want even more. The ACLU claims to honor the Bill of Rights, stating on their website that "These rights are indispensable to a free society..." ( We agree, and challenge the ACLU to invite THEIR membership to celebrate Bill of Rights Day with us. We've provided the resources:

- The Bill of Rights in 15 languages!

- Lists of activities

- Sample Letters to the Editor

- Sample Resolution

- We'll even give 10% off on all orders over $10 from our Bill of Rights or Bust website (!

So how about it, ACLU? Join with JPFO in an aggressive defense of the entire Bill of Rights. Bill of Rights Day is only 14 days away -- celebrate with us and ask your members to do the same. We look forward to your response.

ALL the Bill of Rights for ALL citizens!

- The Liberty Crew

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