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January 16, 2006

Perfect Example of "Reasonable" Victim Disarmament in S.F.

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Or, you can search the website,, for the article by Joan Ryan, dated January 8, 2006, entitled "A Woman, A Batterer, and A Gun"

The lady was convicted of unlawfully possessing a concealed firearm -- when she thought she had a legitimate right to carry, based upon the restraining order against her stalker and based upon California's complicated gun laws. 

Bad news -- unbeknownst to her, the restraining order had expired. So -- she gets jailed, she loses any right to possess a gun at all for any reasons, and she has lost her anonymity so her stalker can find her. 

Thanks a bunch, California "gun control" supporters.

Read the whole story in the San Francisco Chronicle. You'll learn how "reasonable gun control" schemes work directly against female victims of stalkers.

This poor woman lives in constant fear, now even more because the State of California has disarmed her.

Next time one of your anti-self defense friends pipes up about how great "gun control" is, you'll have this story from San Francisco, the capital of "gun control" in the western states. 

The "gun control" advocates actually want this kind of result to occur -- the disarming of women against predators. They must want this result, because their policies actually cause the result by their very design.

The woman has no recourse. Read our book, Dial 911 and Die, and you'll see how American citizens generally have no right to demand police protection. 

We're on our own ... and too often our governments make sure we must live in fear of crime without defense tools.


The Liberty Crew

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