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March 13, 2006

Spread the Word

Since beginning our "Boot the BATFE" campaign ( ) earlier this year, we've been hearing from a number of people. There is a growing awareness among gun owners of the capricious and arbitrary nature of BATFE enforcement, and we feel that it is _essential_ to expand the awareness of this problem..

Using our BATFE Report form ( ) can help us not only increase knowledge among gun owners, but allow them a way to address the issue. The form can be submitted online at the above address, or you can download and print a PDF version at .

Please, download this form, print it out, and hand it out at all gun shows, clubs or stores that you patronize. Send it to every gun owner you know. And if you know anyone who has been jailed, fined, or otherwise punished for a "gun crime", please give them a copy.

The Congressional Research Service memo ( ) PROVES the BATFE has no standardized procedure for determining what constitutes an "illegal" firearm. As a result of that policy, untold numbers of American citizens are sitting in jail -- financially destroyed, reputations ruined, and rights forever lost -- as a result of the inconsistent and unpredictable nature of BATFE investigations.

This is the federal government's worst nightmare. Imagine if this becomes popular knowledge: the US Government could be held liable for _millions_ of dollars in fines, damages, and settlements resulting from civil lawsuits

Share the form. Share the memo. And help us give "the boot" to BATFE and _anyone_ who would dare defend this rogue agency!

- The Liberty Crew

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