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May 2, 2006

What's Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander

Unless you've been hiding in a cave for the past few weeks, you're undoubtedly aware of the current immigration debate. On May 1, pro-immigration activists across the US participated in "ParĂ³ General", or "General Strike," which sponsors pledged would "shut down cities."

Regardless of your views on the current immigration situation, the concept of a general strike is one that should resonate with Americans everywhere. Strikes have been effectively employed for centuries to improve working conditions and effect social change. And that's just what we Americans need to do today.

We are under seige by our own government.

- Taxes sap away as much as 40% of our income, a small portion of which can be relieved if you agree to _register your children_ with the federal government.

- You can be fined, jailed, or held indefinitely without trial for _thousands_ of administrative "infractions" as decreed by any of a number of unelected federal agencies (our "Boot the BATFE" campaign ( shows just how arbitrary those "infractions" can be!).

- We endure checkpoints, random searches, and demands for our "papers" on a regular basis ( ).

- And just around the corner is the National Animal Identification System, which will require you to register your name, property and any livestock you may own, and you get to pay a fee for the privilege.

We've been warning our supporters for years about the encroaching American police state. And while everyone agrees there's a problem, few can suggest a solution.

Here's one: why not a general strike of our own? Why shouldn't we demand that the federal government comply to the spirit and letter of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights?

Of course, strikes can be dangerous -- union organizers in the 1930s learned that lesson all too well. Government police, labor spies, security guards, and Pinkerton private forces used violence, property destruction, and even murder to keep "the rabble" in line (and strikers often used violence in return).

But we don't advocate any grand marches or public protests, and we certainly don't advocate any violence in the process! No, anyone participating in this "General Strike" would merely .... stay home. By not going to work, and not purchasing anything, it would send a message to those who have failed to uphold their oath of office, and who tolerate the abuses like those above. And if they don't get the message, people could strike again. And again. And again.

"What's the point?" you may ask. You'd be surprised. Did you know that the average grocery store only has 72 _hours_ worth of food? Enough truckers off due to "the flu" for a _single_ day would have a major impact! Now combine that with teachers, restaurant owners, mechanics, plumbers ... you get the picture.

"But I can't afford to stay home!" Perhaps. But the more important question is, can you afford years or even _decades_ of increasing government abuse and government oppression?

What do you say, America? It's only 227 days until the next Bill of Rights Day on December 15 ( ).

Haven't we had enough?

- The Liberty Crew

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