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May 16, 2006

Another Way to Register Gun Owners?

Recent revelations of the NSA's policy of domestic spying on American citizens (,70619-0.html ) have horrified many. In January, the Electronic Frontier Foundation ( filed a class-action suit against AT&T for handing over call record data, including telephone and internet records and communications, to the NSA.

EFF, however, is discovering just how duplicitous the Department of Justice can be. The government has sent in a legal brief and two affidavits from senior intelligence officials in an effort to get the lawsuit dismissed. Outrageously, they are claiming these documents are _classified_, preventing even EFF and AT&T from seeing them!

Read that again: our federal government is attempting to quash a lawsuit between two private entities, using documents that _neither entity is allowed to see!_

Not that this should surprise anyone, however. In addition to protecting one of their cooperative corporate lapdogs, the precedent of suppressing this lawsuit would benefit the Department of Justice in other ways. The DEA, for instance, could attempt to locate "meth manufacturers" or cannabis growers by singling out those who call (or are called by) pharmacies or garden shops. The IRS or FBI may choose to focus on banks, casinos, or other "financial institutions" (as they loosely define them).

And gun owners? The BATFE could locate potential "gun criminals" (or identify targets for later seizure) simply by matching call records to and from dealers of firearms or firearm accessories...and you'd never have a clue until they broke down your door in a midnight raid.

Obviously there are millions of perfectly innocent phone calls made to and from these institutions on a daily basis. Obviously using these call records to "weed out" criminals or terrorists makes little sense. But that's never stopped our government before. And it's a virtual certainty that should the DoJ begin trolling call records for potential suspects on a regular basis, many of those "suspects" will be railroaded into prison on trumped-up charges, merely to increase the DoJ's conviction rates and ensure future funding for the program.

In the short time since _The State vs The People: The Coming American Police State_ ( ) was published, several more of the identifying characteristics of a police state have come to pass in the US. Ominously, each step on that path is done "legally," if not Constitutionally (see our _Talkin' to America_ interview with Len Savage at , in which we discuss how the BATFE makes previously-legal items illegal simply by arbitrarily redefining them!)

It is critical that we not only understand what rights we have, but how our government is attempting to infringe upon them. To encourage you, we're offering the following special until May 19: order either _The State vs The People ( or our documentary _Bill of Rights or Bust_ ( and get the following Gran'pa Jack booklets FREE (a $25 value!):

- #2: Can You Get a Fair Trial in America?
- #5: The UN is Killing Your Freedoms!
- #8: Is America Becoming a Police State?
- and FOUR copies of #3: It's Only Common Sense to Use Your Bill of Rights

It's only 213 days until Bill of Rights Day ( ) on December 15. Haven't we had enough?

- The Liberty Crew

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