An Open Letter from Len Savage & JPFO



Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO).

Copyright JPFO August 2006


August 10, 2006


Dear JPFO Supporter,

As you know, JPFO has been focusing fundraising efforts on the making of a new documentary The Gang: Using the Law to Destroy Your Freedom and Security. We’re happy to announce that we’re now about one-third of the way to meeting our goal of $100,000, the estimated cost of production.

The momentum is in our favor, with more BATFE reform legislation marked up in Congress now than in the last decade. In fact, we recently received word that BATFE Director Carl Truscott has resigned for unstated reasons. If only The Gang were ready TODAY while this snake-like agency is currently headless!

This film is going to be EXPLOSIVE!

♦ Whistleblowers have provided us with never-meant-to-be-seen video footage that’ll get your blood boiling!
♦ Attorneys explain why the ATF _must_ be abolished, with NO federal regulation of firearms ever again.
♦ We’ve completed more never-before-seen interviews that further make the case of abolishment of the BATFE.
♦ Experience the cold realization that BOTH parties are allowing innocent gun owners to rot in prison due to trumped-up charges by the BATFE.

Please, NOW is the time to donate to this important endeavor. NOW is the time to document the roots and underlying motives of this anti-American agency. NOW is the time to abolish the BATFE, once and for all.

You can visit The Gang Movie site for detailed information about The Gang and to donate to the cause. Please help today!

– Len Savage & The Liberty Crew


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