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August 18, 2006

Another Liberal Jew Just Doesn't "Get It"

A Seattle woman who was injured in last month's shooting rampage at the Jewish Federation offices is pushing for -- you guessed it -- more "gun control", just as we predicted in our August 4 alert "When Will They Learn?" ( ).

Read the story for yourself at .

Does Ms. Klein honestly believe that a man intent on murder is going to stop because it's illegal to own a firearm? Newsflash: murder's illegal too, and that didn't deter the assailant. More "gun control" will merely permit MORE violent crimes, because MORE people will be left defenselesss.

Perhaps one day, liberals Jews will begin to wake up to their own history, and realize that self-defense not just a good idea, it's a responsibility.

- The Liberty Crew


PS Don't forget -- only 119 days until Bill of Rights Day on December 15!

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