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September 5, 2006

Billions for Gun Owners

Billions of dollars.

That's what may be waiting for potentially thousands of gun owners who have been falsely incarcertated due to the random, capricious, and yes -- fraudulent -- firearms testing performed by promotion-driven ATF thugs. The Congressional Research Services' memo ( ) verifies the lack of legitimate and standardized testing procedures. Furthermore, in a letter dated March 2, 2006, the ATF acknowledges this lack and states, "...the Firearms Technology branch is in the process of converting these procedures into written form." ( ).

Believe it or not, this is GREAT news. Why? Because heads of this bureaucracy have officially acknowledged -- in writing! -- that thousands of prosecutions have not been based on accurate standardized testing procedures. _Every case_ can be re-opened and CHALLENGED!

So who's going to pay for these lawsuits? In an ideal world where justice prevails, those who profited by railroading innocent gun owners with flimsy and misleading "evidence" should be tried in court. If found guilty, they should be held accountable: in additon to losing their jobs, they should forfeit all of their government benefits, have their assets seized to recompensate their victims, and even serve time.

Do we think this will happen? No. Unfortunately, jobs for "the boys" are more important than justice for American citizens. The taxpayers are going to end up footing the bill, but even this isn't entirely bad. Watching their hard-earned money disappear into lawsuits, taxpayers will be far more critical of the ATF's actions when it becomes known they THEY must pay for the ATF's incompetence and malice.

Recently, Carl Truscott stepped down as director of the BATFE, and has been replaced by Michael Sullivan, a sitting US Attorney. Could the Department of Justice be waking up to the massive liability posed by the BATFE? Are they trying to get the BATFE under control before "billions" becomes "trillions"? Or is it merely smoke and mirrors, putting on cosmetic reforms while going about business as usual?

We suspect the latter.

This dark episode of government criminals falsely jailing Americans is a cancer that cannot be solved by reform, readjustment or realignment. Like all cancers, it must be eradicated completely. All government agents, including members of Congress, must be held accountable for their actions. This is especially true for apologists like James Sensenbrenner, who uncritically praises the ATF ( ) and bottles up legislation that could help ensure simple fairness in firearms testing ( ), all while boasting of his support for the Second Amendment.

It is estimated that right now there are over 1000, perhaps even 2000, innocent gun owners who are rotting in federal prisons due to the actions of both major political parties who continue to fund the BATFE. We MUST let everyone know the danger this rogue agency poses for Americans, and why we must fight to abolish it immediately.

Our new documentary _The Gang: Using the Law to Destroy Your Freedom and Security_ will not only get the word out, but make it easier to pursue the lawsuits that could result in the destruction of the BATFE. But it won't happen without your support. Visit The Gang to learn more about this documentary, and how you can support us in our efforts to abolish the BATFE forever. Remember, the sooner _The Gang_ is made, the sooner we win ... and they lose.

The federal regulation of firearms is destroying our freedoms. _Anybody_ who defends the BATFE must be given the boot! Protect your rights -- pass this alert along.

- The Liberty Crew

PS: LAWYERS WANTED! Are you a lawyer who specializes in civil rights violations cases? If so, please email us at . We are creating a registry of lawyers to whom we can refer gun owners whose rights have been violated.

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