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September 11, 2006

9mm vs 9/11

Today, September 11, is a time of sober reflection for Americans. Five years ago, terrorists brought down the Twin Towers in New York City ... and changed our country forever.

Unfortunately, one of the most significant changes has been our increasing loss of freedom at the hands of our own government. Under the guise of "safety" and "security", some of our most basic rights -- travel, self-defense, even what we see, hear, read, or say -- are being curtailed. Yet it was our government's over-regulation that helped facilitate 9/11 to begin with.

It was enforcement of the 1968 Gun Control Act by the BATFE that helped the hijackers carry out their terrible plan. Had decent Americans been permitted to carry firearms during their flights, it is very likely that the hijackers could have been stopped. Indeed, the actions of the passengers of Flight 93 prove that Americans are willing to defend themselves against outside threats. Had those passengers been carrying firearms, they might have been able to prevent the crash as well as preventing the terrorists from completing their mission.

But why did only one group of passengers oppose the terrorists? Perhaps because they were the only ones who knew what was happening -- they had gotten word via cell phone regarding the fate of the earlier flights. But perhaps there is another factor: in a society which endlessly promotes the idea that the government will protect you, is it any wonder that the American spirit has lost its will to fight back? How many passengers were simply waiting for someone "in authority" to save them?

It's time for us to stop waiting for others. We must take responsibility for our own security and be willing to fight back when necessary. The federal government, though such agencies as the BATFE, is tying our hands and leaving us helpless. We _cannot_ accept this, or our fates will be no different than the fates of those who died in those vicious attacks.

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- The Liberty Crew

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