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October 17, 2006

Grassroots Activism At Work

Time and again we've urged people to get out and DO something to help preserve your rights. JPFO supporter Renee Kimball has taken that message and run with it.

If you're in the Portland, OR area, we highly recommend you attend her First Annual Politics and Beer gathering on Sunday, October 22. From 2pm to 5pm at the Clinton St. Theatre, the gathering will feature the award-winning documentary _Innocents Betrayed_. Afterward, there will be a discussion period and a "freedom market" with plenty of tables of books, products, ideas, and information about liberty and freedom. View the press release here:

Another supporter writes in to tell us that on October 16, the city council of Milo, Iowa voted to adopt a resolution proclaiming December 15 of each year "Bill of Rights Day". A copy of the resolution can be found at

THIS is true grass-roots activism. This is what it takes to bring hearts and minds to the cause of freedom.

If you're planning a Bill of Rights Day celebration, let us know about your plans. A showing of _Bill of Rights or Bust_ or _Innocents Betrayed_ ( might increase participation and promote discussion. More ideas can be found here:

If you're planning to involve your local government, such as having a Bill of Rights Day proclaimed for your locality, we recommend you get started early. The wheels of bureaucracy turn slowly!

It's only 59 days until December 15, Bill of Rights Day. Start planning today, and let us know!

- The Liberty Crew


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