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"Innocents Betrayed … shows why gun control must always be rejected." — Rep. Ron Paul, U.S. Congressman (Texas, 14th District)

"I am thrilled to see a production that for once doesn’t dance around the real heart of the gun control debate." -- Suzanna Gratia Hupp, Member, Texas House of Representatives

"This is KILLER truth ammo!!" — Ted Nugent

"A stellar achievement." — David Kopel, Research Director, Independence Institute


Innocents Betrayed was awarded a Bronze Telly in the history/biography film and video category. The Telly Awards are given every year for the best achievements in local, regional, and cable television and in non-broadcast film and video. These are worldwide awards, recognizing the best in film and video production, wherever they may have been produced.

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Does Civilian Ownership of Firearms Actually Do Any Good?


You have never seen anything like Innocents Betrayed. This story has never been told in a documentary film.

You never received the facts of Innocents Betrayed in public schools, and likely not in the private schools. Neither do your kids now.

See the Proof

Sit and watch for just 58 minutes. You’ll see the photos, the footage, the people, the faces. You’ll read the laws and hear the proclamations. You’ll witness just enough horror to understand how easy it is for armed killers to slaughter the disarmed, the powerless, the innocents.

Genocide examples from all over the world: Russia, China, Germany, Cambodia, Guatemala, Uganda, Rwanda and more. Examples showing how disarmed people in America have suffered persecution, mass murder, slavery, and terrorist attacks.

A fast-moving, modern production, Innocents Betrayed presents the entirely true accounts of how civilian disarmament made possible the killing of millions. The point is made sharply, clearly, unforgettably. It’s the factual counterpoint to the lies in Michael Moore’s "Bowling for Columbine."

Shatter the Myths

Somebody says: "Only the police and military should have guns; private citizens don’t need them." Your response: play the tape. Show what happens when the government alone has all power.

Somebody says: "It’s sensible to license guns and register their owners." Your response: play the tape. Show how licensing and registration were key elements to disarming populations, leaving them vulnerable to methodical slaughter.

Somebody says: "America should follow the lead of the rest of the world – strict ’gun control.’" Your response: play the tape. Show how the "rest of the world" lost 170,000,000 innocent, non-combatant men, women and children. Millions died because they were defenseless ... just look at the pictures ... see the numbers ... look into the eyes of the victims.

Somebody says: "It can’t happen here." Your response: play the tape. Watch the American Experience segment and learn ... it already happened here. Mass murders, vicious brutality. The victims – disarmed and powerless, by law. See with your own eyes the facts that the mainstream media has ignored and concealed for decades.

Change the Nation

Innocents Betrayed can move America solidly backits basic principles. The people have the rights. The people control the government. The government serves the people. The people keep the power so that government can not grow oppressive. These basic principles are what the Second Amendment recognizes and protects.

There are about 80 million gun owners in America. The vast majority are decent, nonviolent, non-criminal citizens. Most of them don’t get involved. They don’t understand how vital it is to protect the right to private firearms ownership.

We need to awaken these gun owners, to energize them, to get them committed to protecting our rights. Innocents Betrayed is the best tool to rouse them, shake them, motivate them to join in the fight like never before.

There are millions of pro-self defense parents in America. We need to help those parents teach their children about firearms ownership. Why it’s so crucially important. Why they must help – and vote to support – the cause of freedom and firearms ownership.

We need those parents to show their kids Innocents Betrayed.

In many households, one spouse understands firearms ownership. The other spouse doesn’t understand, is afraid of guns, thinks guns are just ugly dangerous killing machines, is against having a gun in the house.

We need to show those spouses Innocents Betrayed.


Contents of Innocents Betrayed

Innocents Betrayed delivers the facts, figures, photos and footage that show the connection between victim disarmament policies and these topics:

Armenian Genocide Black Slavery
Soviet Terror Famine "Black Codes"
Rape of Nanking Lynching in America
Communist Chinese Death Regime Forcible Relocations
Cambodian Genocide Wounded Knee Massacre
Ugandan Genocide Texas Cafeteria Massacre
Rwanda Genocide California Pitchfork Murders
Nazi Holocaust Terrorist Attack 9-11-2001

After the credits roll, there are two short interviews of Aaron Zelman and Richard Stevens. They discuss points not raised in the film and reveal behind-the-scenes challenges of making this film


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If you still think it "can’t happen here!" you may wish to listen to this fascinating audio inteview, which explores the work and legacy of Stanley Milgram. Milgram was the noted social psychologist who shocked the world with the results of "The Milgram Experiment", proving just how easily ordinary men and women can become mass murderers.

The interview guest is Thomas Blass, professor of psychology at the University of Maryland Baltimore County and author of The Man Who Shocked the World: The Life and Legacy of Stanley Milgram. Click here to listen to this 98-minute interview in streaming RealPlayer media (12Mb). Also here on JPFO as an MP3 file (17Mb).

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