Gun Confiscation Deception Scheme

By Dean Weingarten. November 10, 2019
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Joy Behar revealed a key piece of the Progressive Project to her listeners on 4 November, 2019. She advised politicians who wanted to confiscate guns from U.S. citizens to deceive them so the politicians could get elected; then confiscate the guns.

To the Left, this is nothing controversial. The whole point of Progressivism is the electorate is too stupid and ignorant to govern themselves. They believe the purpose of an elite is to deceive the governed (through manipulation of the information they receive, and controlling the narrative), so as to allow the elite to keep power and govern as they wish. The purpose of the media is to be "gatekeepers" of the information flow and to create the desired narratives.

But Behar violated an important Progressive rule: Do not tell the victims of the con they are being conned. From

Politicians seeking to confiscate guns from Americans shouldn't share their plans with the public beforehand and should seek to maintain an element of surprise, Joy Behar said on "The View" Monday.

Behar was discussing former 2020 presidential hopeful Beto O'Rourke, a Democrat from Texas, and said it was foolish of him to announce his plans for gun confiscation before he was elected. She advised all politicians to go after the country's guns after they've assumed office.

"They should not tell everything they're going to do. If you're going to take people's guns away, wait until you get elected -- then take the guns away," she said. "Don't tell them ahead of time."

One of the many problems with the Progressive Project is its reliance on false premises. .....

Over the years, the ploy of election promises made and then promises broken has been seen before, making the Behar comment perhaps a salutary reminder of just how that game could still be played. "We are not coming for your guns" - right!


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