'Gun Control' Adds to the
Death Toll in Illinois

By Rob Morse. November 13, 2019
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Democrat legislators in Illinois make it hard for honest citizens to protect themselves. Illinois government is controlled by Chicago politicians, and, sadly, those politicians like gun-prohibition. They say their laws makes all of us safer. Facts say otherwise. Illinois politicians claim gun-control is “for the children” but we can count the bodies of the dead and injured who are the real victims of 'gun control'.

Chicago has a problem with violent criminal drug gangs. Illinois politicians say the drug gangs would be non-violent if they couldn’t get guns. The solution, the politicians claim, is to pass more gun-control laws and to disarm more law abiding citizens. That is what we’re told by Chicago politicians. The Chicago news media reports these political press releases without questioning their truth or looking for alternative explanations.

Let’s do what the news media should have done and take a deeper look at the problem. With 2015 people shot and wounded in Chicago this year, and an additional 415 shot and killed, it is obvious that existing gun laws have not made us safe. .....

The fallacy that a disarmed populace makes for a safer society is readily disproved, and yet over and over areas such as Chicago continue to impose draconian 'gun control' - better referred to as liberty control. The "safer society" premise is totally misplaced - while criminal gun usage continues unabated with all the risks to good people that result.


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