SCOTUS has the 2nd Amendment in its sights

By Ephrat Livni. November 30, 2019

On Monday (Dec. 2), the US Supreme Court will hear one of the most anticipated and disputed cases of the term, a gun rights fight that pits New York City against the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association (NYSRPA). The matter has politicians on the left and right up in arms, inspiring unusually unfriendly amicus briefs and strange letters to the court.

The case arises from a New York City gun transport ban that limited licensed gun owners' ability to travel with firearms. The state rifle and pistol association sued the city, alleging violations of the Constitution's Second Amendment right to bear arms. But New York state passed a law addressing the complaints—arguably in an effort to avoid a high court ruling that might expand gun rights—and the city adjusted its rules, too. NYC has been arguing that there is no more controversy ever since.

Still, the justices agreed to hear the matter and asked the parties to be prepared to argue mootness. That is, whether the claim is even still ripe for consideration in view of the subsequent legislative fixes. .....


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