Obscure-Logic: Police
Chief Storing 18,000 Guns

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By Dean Weingarten. December 20, 2019
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A view of firearms as a zero-sum game, where the destruction of a firearm means there will be one less firearm in the world, is a simplistic and childish view of reality.

Firearms are a manufactured product. They were first manufactured with 14th century technology. Manufacturing them today is much easier.

The idea that removing a few firearms from society makes society safer is a delusional view of reality. It is widely held by true believers in population disarmament.

Police Chief Kerr Putney has the authority to sell 18,000 firearms held in storage, under his control. Instead of selling them and bringing needed funds into his department, he insists on storing them, simply to make a bizarre statement that guns are bad. From wbtv.com:

In an interview with WBTV anchor Molly Grantham, Putney explained why the department is keeping the confiscated guns locked behind closed doors when some of the firearms could be sold to vendors.

"I don't want to be responsible for having one of those weapons take a life here in Charlotte when we could have done something that's within our purview because of a law enforcement reason to keep that from happening and that's what I stand by," said Putney.

The police chief said his department currently has around 18,000 guns safely stored in CMPD facilities.

Note: "one of those weapons take a life". Granting volition and motive to inanimate objects is a common characteristic of those who wish us disarmed. It is magical thinking. .....

"We are increasing the number of firearms in the United States by ten million or more, every year. Destroying a firearm, or storing it in a police lockup, does nothing to reduce the demand for firearms. It only re-directs the demand from used guns to new guns. It means people who make guns will make one more gun."


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