Anti-Gun Left Still Cannot
Accept the Armed Citizen

(AP Photo/David Kent)

By Dan Zimmerman. December 30, 2019

Let's be clear. If yesterday's church shooting in the West Freeway Church of Christ had taken place in another church (one without a security plan) or in another state (one that prohibits carrying firearms in houses of worship) the casualty count would likely have been much higher than it was. That's a fact acknowledged by law enforcement and politicians alike in Texas yesterday.

Thankfully, as is well known by now, the West Freeway Church had a security plan, complete with armed congregants watching over those gathered for Sunday services. One of those armed individuals stepped in and ended the threat six seconds after the first shotgun blast.

The entire event was captured on video for all the world to see. Proof positive -- despite all of the longstanding repeated denials -- that good guys with guns really do stop bad guys bent on murder.

The very idea of people carrying firearms in a church or synagogue is anathema to the the gun-grabbing droogs of the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex. They can't conceive of why anyone would want, let alone need a gun in a house of worship. .....

Being facetious, one can almost imagine an anti-gun leftist being in a congregation (without their protection detail of course) - just content to watch as a murderer goes on an uncontained killing spree, with no one present being armed and able to mitigate slaughter. Seemingly however, that would appear to be their totally illogical stance as they consider 'gun control' and 'gun-free-zones' the answer to evil.


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