Lying Anti-Trump Ad No Surprise
When You See Who's Behind It

By David Codrea. December 31, 2019

( "An Erie County man who describes regret over voting for President Donald Trump in 2016 didn't vote for him, according to news organizations that checked his voting record," Penn Live reported Friday. "Mark Graham is featured in videos created by America Bridge, a Democrat-supporting political action committee, or PAC."

Shame on Graham. The story indicates that despite protests and demands for an apology by Pennsylvania Republicans, the video has not been taken down from America Bridge's website. Even if it is, the internet is forever and this will follow him around in meatspace, probably for the rest of his life - as it should, especially noting his unremorseful, defensive and even proud attitude.

But Graham is just a tool. The real reputation to look at is that belonging to the group that knowingly sticks to the lie even after being exposed, and that does not even have the integrity to admit it was wrong, let alone to fess up to being so deliberately. It's fair to conclude the only thing they're sorry about is getting caught. .....

Lies remain one of the anti-freedom's biggest contributions to their brand of hypocrisy - not least by spreading false information and using it to further their agenda. The only antidote for those who support liberty and their rights is to bring truth to the surface at every opportunity.


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