Everytown's 'Red Flag' Warning:
'H.R. 8 was just the beginning'

By Dave Workman. January 10, 2020

(Ammoland.com)- A new email blast from anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg's Everytown for Gun Safety, intercepted by Ammoland, makes it clear the gun prohibition lobbying group wants to see the U.S. House pass a new national red flag law, declaring "We need our U.S. Representatives to keep gun violence prevention as a legislative priority."

Anti-gunners believe they have momentum, declaring last year's passage of H.R. 8 "was just the beginning." H.R. 8 is the federal legislation passed by the House 240-190 last Feb. 27 requiring so-called "universal background checks" for all firearms transactions.

A copy of the message, appearing over the name of Federal Legislative Campaigns Director Sarah Trumble, was obtained Tuesday by AmmoLand. Bloomberg is now running for president.

"That was a major victory for the gun violence prevention movement," the Everytown message stated. "It was the first time either chamber of Congress passed significant gun safety legislation in over 20 years. And they didn't stop there -- the House went on to pass multiple lifesaving gun violence prevention bills in 2019; but there is still critical work to be done." (Emphasis in the original message.) ... .....

Once again, the ridiculous mention of 'gun violence' - whereas 'gun involved violence' might be more appropriate - guns themselves are of course not inherently violent. Attempted 'gun control' legislation is as usual predicated on the principle that restricting the rights of honest citizens is the panacea that will magically cancel out the wrong-doings of evil people, which most with any degree of common sense realize is a totally false premise.


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