Jewish Community Now Taking
"Never Again" VERY Seriously

By Tom Knighton January 15, 2020

In the wake of the Holocaust, Jews all over the world announced: "Never again." They were never going to allow the genocide of their people. They weren't going to allow themselves to be herded into camps for systematic extermination. It's part of why they fought to form their own nation, so that no government could ever do that to them again.

The problem is, Jews are still targeted for some inane reason. Anti-Semitism is still a thing, a fact made all the more apparent due to a number of recent attacks targeting people because they're Jewish.

Now, though, it seems a large number of Jews are realizing that "never again" means being able to defend themselves.

There are a number of stories supporting that assertion, too. I've written some here already. I've also written about Jews calling for their fellow Jews to be armed.

Well, it seems a lot more listening. .....

"Gun permit applications surged nearly 1,000 percent in New York's Jewish community since the December 28, 2019, attack on Hasidic Jews in a rabbi's home. The Washington Examiner reports that the surge is clear in Rockland County, the very county in which the rabbi's home was attacked."


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