What's To Fear With
"Reasonable" 'Gun Control'? Plenty

By Tom Knighton. January 23, 2020

One of the many tactics anti-gunners push is to paint 'gun control' opponents as unreasonable. That's not overly difficult, I'm afraid. Not because we're unreasonable so much as a complicit media routinely dismisses our concerns as irrelevant.

Recently, I came across an op-ed that claimed "reasonable" control, if such a thing exists (hint: It doesn't), was nothing for us to fear in the least.

And fear is exactly the word. It's practically an article of faith for gun lovers that the government is coming for their guns. The National Rifle Association and other gun groups, and the politicians in those groups' pockets, have told them just that for years.
What exactly have Virginia legislators done to get gun lovers in such an uproar?
First, they banned guns from the state capitol building. (That's such a radical idea that our gun-friendly Legislature here in Charleston has had a similar ban in place for years, and added metal detectors and X-ray machines to help enforce the ban in 2016.)

That's not quite what happened.

What occurred was the governor declaring a state of emergency because people who disagreed with him decided to protest. He used that as justification to ban guns from the state capitol building in a way that went against the letter of the law. Then a complicit court upheld the ban despite the plain meaning of the law in question. .....

"Reasonable" is a popular 'catch-all' used by those who seek to try and regulate or destroy rights - there isn't much that can't be usefully justified as "reasonable" when convenient to achieve an agenda. Media and anti-gun groups will run with 'gun control' on this basis declaring that it is "reasonable" for the common good and saves lives, which it does not.


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