Dems Pushing "Compromise" Gun
and Mag Ban that Infringes Rights

By Erich Pratt. 10 February, 2020

The latest "Assault Weapons" scam from Gov. Northam and Delegate Levine does nothing to change GOA's firm opposition to HB 961. Gun confiscation is still the goal.

The House "substitute" to be considered by the House of Delegates today and tomorrow allows ownership of specific firearms prior to July 1, 2020, but no one can buy, sell, transfer, manufacture — or possibly, even repair — after that date. This treats Virginians unequally, even as the US Constitution requires "equal treatment" under the law.

The bill and substitute amendment are incredibly poorly drafted — perhaps by design. So while you can keep your firearm which will be illegal to buy and sell after July 1, 2020, it appears that you could become a Class 6 felon with a five-year prison terms if you try to buy any part to repair your firearm! Guns that cannot be repaired are basically worthless. So, back-door (can't repair) and front-door (can't buy or sell) would accomplish their confiscation goals.

The geniuses who cooked up this horrendous "compromise" see nothing wrong with putting us firearms owners, who have not done anything, in jail for five years, simply for repairing, gifting, loaning or transferring any one of the at least 150+ guns that fall into the Bloomberg-Northam-Levine banned gun categories. What gives them the authority to re-write the Second Amendment? .....


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