Magazines, Weapons & Violence:
Words Have Meaning

By Robert A. Margulies, MD. February 18, 2020. DRGO
Original Source

We are in a culture war in which the enemy is using words in ways that are dishonest. Let's set at least part of the record straight.

Magazine capacity is a false flag. The arguments against standard capacity magazines that are issued along with police handguns have the same benefit for honest citizens in the same circumstances that police need them. Current statistics reveal that violent home invasions are more frequently perpetrated by larger numbers of assailants than in the past. Honest citizens cannot be expected to defeat multiple attackers without using the same tools that we think the police should use in similar situations.

"Assault rifles": There is no military definition of an "assault" weapon. There were full automatic firearms that the German Forces of WW 2 called (in translation) "storm guns". There are semiautomatic and select-fire firearms in various configurations. ....

.... In all cases, it makes no difference in effect if the cartridge is fired from a break action single shot tool, a manual bolt action tool or a semi-automatic tool which still requires a separate trigger press for every round fired. Thence arises the question: why are semi-automatics needed? The answer is that criminals do not want to prey on victims who are stronger than they are. .....


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