The "Assault" ban obsession is no answer

By George Devinny. February 21, 2020

It would seem that the current selection of Democratic presidential candidates all share a profound obsession with 'gun control', and in particular the desire to ban anything they can remotely classify as an "assault weapon". This is a much over used and inaccurate definition that gets unjustifiably applied to almost any rifle that is an auto-loader, commonly often including the cosmetic features of the dreaded 'black rifle' with attributes such as a pistol grip and adjustable or folding stock.

Of course these candidates are not alone with their obsession, as many states seek the same goal - such as the recent ban attempts in Virginia have demonstrated. It has to be wondered where is the logic as to why a majority of gun owners should be penalized for the sins of the very few, other than simply achieving the means to effect a wide spread disarmament policy.

If as is estimated some 45 million gun owners possess so called "assault" rifles, and applying a 'guestimated' evil-use figure of one in every 1,000,000 owners (0.000001%) we might have, say, a hypothetical figure of as many as 45 potential mass murderers - an unlikely high number. Result - many millions of legitimate owner's rights would be infringed upon - and yet, the potential availability of such firearms thoughout the criminal underworld would remain unchanged. .....


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