'Gun Control' is the Modern
Temperance Movement

By Theresa Inacker. February 25, 2020

100 years after Prohibition, it's still a doomed proposition

There is an uncanny parallel between anti-gun rights groups like Moms Demand Action, which continually seeks more ineffective 'gun control' laws, and the infamous women of the temperance movement, which brought about the failed experiment of Prohibition.

In 1920, Prohibition outlawed the sale, manufacturing and transport of intoxicating beverages enjoyed by most of the population. Women led the charge for temperance reform starting in the 1800's. The women who campaigned for Prohibition focused on men's alcohol abuse and proclaimed that it harmed women, children and families.

Stories of women using hatchets, rocks and axes to break whisky bottles in saloons painted a visual of sometimes radical and extreme tactics.

Moms Demand Action and similar groups irrationally claim that guns and Second Amendment-guaranteed rights are the cause of mass murders and violent crime. These anti-rights groups insist more gun control is the necessary solution. 'Gun control' advocates ignore the multitude of existing, ineffective gun control laws, yet clamor for still more. Their appetite for restrictions on gun rights is insatiable. .....

"Just as the temperance reformers wanted to force their ban on everyone, anti-gun advocates want to turn lawful firearm ownership into criminals. The anti-rights types, of course, ignore the thousands of instances in which firearms have been used in defensive situations."


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