Young Black Women are the Target
of Crime.. and Democrat Politics

By Rob Morse. March 3, 2020
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Young minority women are disproportionately victimized by violent criminals. That explains why Connecticut Democrats want them disarmed. Here is their horrible bigotry at work.

Criminals want easy victims. Unfortunately, young women are more likely to take public transportation late at night. Minority women are more likely to live in our violent inner cities. Women are weaker than men 90 percent of the time. Those factors explain much of why young minority women are robbed, assaulted, raped and murdered so often. There is another factor as well. Young minority women were less likely to go armed.

Young, urban, minority women have the greatest need to defend themselves. They want to stay safe and they learned that the police will not be there to stop their attacks. These women learned that the police will arrive after they have fought off their attacker, after they have run to safety, and after they have called 911.. if they can, and if police bother to respond to the scene of the crime after the attacker has run away.

That explains why young urban minority women are the fastest growing segment of gun owners. Unfortunately, this minority group of young-minority-urban-women is also considered the core support group of the Democrat party. Unfortunately, today, the Democrat party is the party of gun-control. That explains why Connecticut democrats proposed a 35 percent tax on ammunition. Taxes of 100 percent and 50 percent were also proposed by Democrats.

Politicians want easy scapegoats. Democrat politicians in Connecticut need an excuse for the violence in their inner cities. It is better to blame the tools of defense than to admit that Democrat policies have failed so miserably. .....

"Democrat politicians should stop the racist bigotry of taxing firearms out of the hands of young urban black women. Be pro-choice, and let these women choose the best way to protect themselves and their family. For once, put safety ahead of politics."


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