More Americans Discovering What's
Really Required to Buy a Gun

By Dan Zimmerman. March 16, 2020

We've been in contact with a number of retailers around the country today and over the weekend and they report that the Great Coronavirus Gun Run is anything but fake news. Nine millimeter and .22 LR ammunition is evaporating at a rapid pace. A large Washington state retailer sold $120,000 of ammo in the first three hours they were open on Saturday.

A northern Illinois retailer that's been in business since the mid 1950's said they did twice the amount of business they'd ever done before in a single day, even during the post-Sandy Hook buying binge. They're completely sold out of personal defense ammunition and range loads are getting awfully scarce. They're all out of AR pattern rifles and the remaining handgun inventory is going fast.

According a central Florida retailer we talked to, gun buyers were waiting as long as four hours for an all clear on their NICS background checks Saturday. They're seeing about 50% of their Gun Run sales volume going to new buyers with most of the rest being bought by CCW holders who are able to bypass the state's 3-day waiting period (5 days in many of south Florida's blue-er counties). .....

This helps considerably to put to rest some of the ridiculous misconceptions over the purchase of firearms. The left in particular loves to drone on about this, that, and the other "loophole" as well as the supposed ease of online buying - but for the average honest Joe, all is nowhere as easy as so often portrayed. Criminals of course do not need laws to inhibit their aquisition of guns.


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