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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  •  March 19, 2020  •  Contact: Floyd Neeland


Coronavirus pandemic awakens citizens to what's important

"Shelter in place" practically demands being safely armed
Supply shortages and self-quarantining could last for months

The sudden onslaught of the contagious COVID-19 medical emergency has a few surprising bright sides. Americans have been alerted to our deep supply-chain weaknesses, serious dependencies on communist China--which is and has always been a mortal enemy of free markets and The American Way, and now awareness to be properly armed in the event civil order collapses or we are confined at home.

Especially gratifying are reports of first-time firearm buyers flooding stores and emptying them of ammunition and suitable civilian arms like AR-15-style rifles police prefer for their own safety, normal-capacity magazines that hold 17 or more rounds for adequate defense in dire contingencies, and shotguns with adequate firepower in the event they are needed. "Shelter in place" suggests you are on your own, a fact gun owners and "woke" individuals already understand all too well.

The only thing missing perhaps is adequate quick-turnaround training. Because the public-school system has steadfastly refused to provide even the most rudimentary lessons in gun-safety rules and marksmanship concepts, the public is woefully unprepared for what may be needed. Fortunately, firearms training can be fairly quickly gained and does not violate large-scale social distancing. It will provide financial opportunities for shooting ranges nationwide. Ranges should begin advertising vigorously to attract the masses of newcomers who need introductory classes. It is a silver lining to the near hysteria the public is now experiencing.

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