Everytown Law: Says it's
OK to Close Gun Stores

By Cam Edwards. April 1, 2020

Michael Bloomberg's anti-gun law firm, Everytown Law, is trying to convince elected officials around the country to shut down gun stores during the current national emergency, and has sent a letter to state and local officials in charge of enforcing COVID-19 emergency closure orders offering up a strategy and legal argument for those who do so. Fortunately for gun owners, and unfortunately for the gun control lobby, their argument doesn't stand up to the slightest bit of legal scrutiny.

Everytown's attorneys argue that gun stores aren't being singled out for closure when they're declared non-essential businesses, but instead are just one of many retail establishments that can't sell their goods. They also point to a Supreme Court decision from 1986 called Arcara v Cloud Books, where justices ruled that a state had the authority to close a book store because it was a "public health nuisance." .....

"Everytown is doing everything it can to prevent Americans from acquiring firearms and ammunition. There's nothing common sense about that. Their position has nothing to do with gun safety and everything to do with keeping as many Americans as possible unarmed and defenseless when more Americans than ever before are choosing to exercise their Second Amendment rights."


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