Ignorant Ridicule of
Guns During Pandemic

Once more the establishment media acts as an amplifier for billionaire Bloomberg, this time in the guise of "satire." (Everytown for Gun Safety/Facebook)

By David Codrea. April 6, 2020

(Ammoland.com ) - "Of course, guns are essential! We are at war with this virus!" Washington Post "lighter take" columnist Alexandra Petri ridicules in a Friday hit piece that once more proves gun-grabbers who presume to instruct are long on unfounded opinion but come up painfully short on both knowledge and originality. In other words, considering the source and its editorial bent, she's exactly what we would expect. After all, we're talking about a paper that still employs an award-winning anti-gun plagiarist.

"Quickly, everyone, let us buy 17 firearms and ask no further questions." Petri continues. "Donald Trump is a wartime president, and he has deemed gun shops essential to remain open at this time".

"I am armed with my Second Amendment rights in one hand and my total ignorance of medical science in the other," she asserts, assuming the imagined sentiments of a gun owner that presumes her superior sophistication. Where have we seen our urban media betters dismiss flyover Americans as "Deplorables" and slack-jawed yokels before? Or perhaps I should ask "When haven't we?" .....

"If there's one thing calculating gun-grabbers and their useful idiot followers, that is, those who would rather see you dead than armed can't stand, it's people waking up and realizing the joke's on them."


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