Taking Down The Incredibly Weak
Arguments For Closing Gun Stores

By Cam Edwards. April 9, 2020

Gun control advocates are ramping up their efforts to shut down gun stores across the country, with a growing number of advocates taking to friendly media outlets in order to present their case. One of the latest attempts to undermine the Second Amendment rights of Americans comes from Rene Reyes, a constitutional law professor at Suffolk University in Boston, who says in a new op/ed that declaring gun stores essential businesses means that governors are giving the right to keep and bear arms "preferential treatment and elevating them over other fundamental freedoms in a time of shared sacrifice."

On today's Bearing Arms' Cam & Co, we dismantle Reyes' argument, as well as similar objections from a Maryland delegate who claims that lines at gun stores means people are panic buying, and therefore must be stopped.

Let's start with Prof. Reyes' claims that orders forcing gun stores to close indefinitely are constitutionally sound. Reyes says that other rights are being restricted right now, including the right to publicly assemble, so why shouldn't the Second Amendment also be restricted? .....

"Open-ended emergency orders that shut down gun stores for an undetermined amount of time, on the other hand, absolutely do prevent and prohibit individuals from exercising their constitutional right to keep and bear arms, unless they're already gun owners."


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