Pandemic Changes
Some Anti-2A Minds

By Thomas Gallatin. April 17, 2020

Sometimes it takes a crisis for people to reevaluate long-held views and perspectives. The China Virus pandemic provides just such a scenario for millions of Americans who may not have valued or appreciated (or may have even opposed) our Second Amendment rights. For those sitting at home and wondering when or if they'll ever get back to their jobs, and fearing widespread societal unrest, many have suddenly realized just how unprotected and vulnerable is their present position.

This realization may explain why firearms dealers have seen skyrocketing sales of late. The National Shooting Sports Foundation reports that, in March, background checks for firearms purchases were up more than 80% from this time last year. Furthermore, dealers have observed that nearly 70% of sales are to first-time gun owners. Is this a surge in favor of the Second Amendment and against gun control?

The Washington Examiner's Trevor Burrus relays conversations he's had with friends who had never owned firearms: .....

It would appear that many who have been hardcore anti-gun people, suddenly decide that they need a firearm to protect themselves and the home - discovering that after all buying a gun is not as easy as they have always claimed! Many have expected to simply pay the money and walk out the door or order online and have home delivery - of course, it is not like that.


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