Anti 2A Northam Doesn't
Have it All His Own Way

By Dave Workman. May 4, 2020

( - Anti-gun Democrat Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam lost one in Lynchburg Circuit Court when Judge F. Patrick Yeatts ruled—in a much-overlooked case—that Northam overstepped his authority when he declared a state of emergency and closed "recreational and entertainment" businesses, including indoor shooting ranges.

According to NPR, Judge Yeatts essentially said Northam lacks the authority to close gun ranges, as explained in a six-page order.

There is an interesting passage on Page 4 of the order, which could have ramifications reaching far beyond the doors of SafeSide Tactical, the indoor shooting range that sued. According to WFXR News, the range re-opened.

"But the case involves both statutory and constitutional rights analyses, not a pure constitutional rights analysis," Judge Yeatts explained. "Levels of scrutiny favorable to the Governor in the present case contradict §44-146.15(3) (state statute)'s provision that the Governor cannot "in any way limit or prohibit rights of the people to keep and bear arms." (Emphasis added in original document). .....

It's reassuring to find a judge who sees rights as they should be. The pandemic has unfortunately given the opportunity for many in power to indulge their anti Second Amendment proclivities, making the excuse usually that 'safety' is paramount - disregarding the individual's ability to be responsible and able to assess risk without the need for authoritarian over reach.


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