Wake Up: COVID-19 Pandemic
Not Impeding Anti-Gun Activism

By Dave Workman. May 12, 2020

Lest anyone think "stay home, stay safe" coronavirus orders have slowed down the anti-Second Amendment gun control crusade, guess again, because gun prohibition lobbying groups are alive and adjusting to "the new normal" by planning fund raising activities and political efforts to control Congress and state legislatures.

For example, Everytown for Gun Safety is spending big money in Texas to flip the Legislature, while the billionaire-backed Seattle-based Alliance for Gun Responsibility is scheduling its annual fund-raising "luncheon" with a "virtual panel discussion" on June 1, according to an email blast. The event happens at noon (PDT), and the announced goal is to raise $1 million by then.

"The luncheon is our signature fundraising event of the year and we rely on it to generate nearly half of our operating budget," the message explains over the name of CEO Renee Hopkins. "It is crucial that we're able to secure that funding in the coming weeks to continue our lifesaving work."

Hopkins' message adds, "People across the country are stockpiling guns and ammo in response to fears about the coronavirus. This surge in gun purchases along with social isolation, financial stress, and uncertainty heighten the risk of gun violence—particularly suicide, domestic violence, and unintentional shootings. Our work has never been more important." .....

Once more the references to "gun violence" and "life saving work" - two of the common excuses for the continuing attack on Second Amendment rights. Both are over played, seeing as guns themselves are not violent, and life saving is actually a feature of self defense and responsible gun ownership.


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