Dallas Beating: Why We
Defend the Second Amendment

By Tom Knighton. June 3, 2020

'Gun control' activists don't really see the point of guns, at least for the most part. Quite a few will work to curtail your ability to purchase a gun but have no qualms about owning them themselves. It's different when they buy guns, after all, because they're all good and pure and stuff.

However, they will often question you about why you have a gun, whether you're carrying at the moment or whether it's your AR-15 at home in the safe.

"Why do you think you need something like that?" they ask.

Well, because stuff like this can happen (some might find the following video disturbing):

A mob of rioters just murdered a man in cold blood in Dallas. He was defending his store.

— Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) May 31, 2020

I've personally seen this video, which comes from a riot in Dallas over the weekend, from a couple of different angles. .....

Just one example (of possibly many) during the recent examples of criminal activities within protests. The crux of the matter is not just the understandable wish for a business owner to want to avoid losing everything but, the need also to be able to protect life and limb from attackers - intent on not only looting but also very likely causing grievous harm. It may only be the ability to counter such through force of arms and 2A rights which might save the day.


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