An Obituary For 'Gun Control'

By Tom Knighton. June 8, 2020

To say 2020 is a strange year would be putting it mildly. We already expect some oddness because it's an election year and while politicians can screw up plenty, giving us some hilariously odd moments, but what we got was something very different. From talk of World War III we went to Australia being on fire, then on to COVID-19, and now riots. Somewhere in between were the murder hornets, too, because why the hell not?

However, it also looks like 2020 might also be the year gun control died.

For fans of legal restrictions on self-defense rights, 2020 is a disaster. It provides continuing evidence that to push gun control proposals is to advocate that the likes of Derek Chauvin—the Minneapolis cop who killed George Floyd—should be armed, while the communities they terrorize should be helpless. It is also to insist that when police fail at their supposedly core task of protecting the public, people should be deprived of the means for defending themselves. As many Americans lose faith in law enforcement and do what's necessary to shield lives and property, it's unlikely that they'll be an enthusiastic audience for future disarmament schemes that would make those of us who don't work for government even more vulnerable to those who do. .....

"Right now, a lot of long-time anti-gun supporters are rethinking their positions. They're wondering why they should trust the same police they accuse of every manner of injustice with also being among the few to possess deadly weapons."


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