The Left's Lust for Violence
and the Control of Guns

Opinion By Dan Wos. June 9, 2020

When I say "gun violence" doesn't exist, some people look at me cross-eyed because the term has become so common in the media and left-wing talking points. The truth is, there's no such thing as "gun-violence."

"Gun-violence" doesn't exist. It is a made-up nomenclature created as a tool to demonize guns in the pursuit of more gun restrictions on lawful Americans. It's impossible for a gun to be violent. Violence can only come from people. What the gun grabbers are really talking about is "human-violence." But if the discussion were focused on "human violence," we would all be forced to work on solving the problems that cause people to act violently.

The gun-grabbing left does not want to do that for two reasons.

•   Number one, it doesn't help their pursuit to demonize guns and implement more gun-restrictions.
•   Number two, focusing on "human-violence" would expose their culpability in its perpetuation.

If we were to talk about human-violence, we would be forced to talk about gang and mob violence, terrorist groups like Antifa, open borders, sanctuary cities, welfare dependency, fatherless homes, abortion, foreign terrorism and drugs (both legal and illegal.) These are all things the left directly or indirectly supports. .....


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