SCOTUS Denies Writs On
All Pending 2A Cases

By Roger Katz. June 15, 2020

The U.S. Supreme Court released its orders from the June 11, 2020 conference. No Second Amendment cases were relisted for consideration. Worse, there will be no Second Amendment cases reviewed this term; all were rejected. The High Court denied certiorari in all of them.

This comes as no surprise to the Arbalest Quarrel. We expected this and were making this very point in a comprehensive analysis of the New York City transport gun case we've been working feverishly on these last two weeks. Word came down from SCOTUS before we could get our series to print, but we intimated as much in numerous other articles.

We realized how important the New York City gun transport case was to the preservation of our sacred Second Amendment right, even if many did not. We knew what a loss meant; and we did lose much, contrary to what some proponents of the Second Amendment may otherwise think. How much we lost is apparent from what just transpired in today's SCOTUS morning conference.

We held little expectation that the High Court would take up any new Second Amendment case, contrary to Justice Kavanaugh's wimpish suggestion that the Court "should." And, unfortunately, we were correct. .....

To say this is a disappointment would be an understatement.
"We are holding onto our Nation by a thread. Make no mistake about that. The puppet masters have brainwashed the mass of Lemmings, and they intend to destroy those of us who are immune to the nonsense spouted."


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