'Gun Control' Invading
Local PTAs Everywhere

By Tom Knighton. June 23, 2020

I don't spend a lot of time with the local PTA. While I still have one kid in grade school and another now in college, I never really could sit through one of the boring PTA meetings. I respect parents who want to make the school better and I'm willing to help where I can, but my ADHD rear can't sit through endless Karens talking about how important it is to understand car pickup etiquette.

However, it seems that another group of folks is more than happy to step in.

I recently received an invitation from my local public school district to attend a "safety forum." It wasn't going to cover the variety of health-and-safety issues relevant to kids today—opioid abuse, underage drinking, reckless driving, online bullying, physical violence and sexual assault or harassment. Instead, the entire safety forum would focus on one issue: guns.

Speakers were to include a representative from the national PTA, the district's superintendent, a school-safety officer, a mental-health specialist, the city's police chief and an "early childhood advocate" and Be SMART program representative who would speak about gun safety and storage.

To most parents in my neighborhood, this forum looked pretty innocuous—just another routine school event that few would attend. But I knew it wasn't just your run-of-the-mill meeting. This promised to be pure political advocacy meant to push the anti-firearms narrative and scare parents about those in the community who own and store guns in their homes.... .....

This is even more relevant as we see calls for school resource officers to be withdrawn, while anti-gun paranoia continues in all its shades of infamy. Guns in educational establishments are labeled as 'traumatizing' items with no consideration of student's safety. Calls for 'gun safety' are superficially laudable but behind that facade is still the effort to demonize guns generally, with no thought about sensible education regarding firearms for young people.


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