The Roberts Court Will Not Defend
the Second Amendment, Ever!

By DRGO. June 26, 2020

The NYC case provided our best chance for a serious Court review of 2A, ten years after the McDonald decision, clarifying and cementing the import and purport of Heller and McDonald in Supreme Court case law. The opportunity provided the Court is gone. And, that lost opportunity is rightfully placed at the feet of the Chief Justice, himself.

We expected the Court would once again relist all ten pending 2A cases, denying cert on each at them at the Court's last conference for the Term. But the Court made its final determination on June 11, 2020.

No surprise to us as to the denial of cert, but the final determination came earlier than we expected. Even so, it means something more than, and something other than, most Americans realize. The cryptic, "something other than," pertains to Roberts.

So, then, what went wrong? Actually, for Chief Justice Roberts and the liberal wing of the High Court, nothing went wrong. Everything went according to plan. .....

"So, forget further support from the High Court apropos of the preservation of and strengthening of our Bill of Rights, given the Court's current composition with five Justices clearly antithetical to preservation and strengthening of our fundamental, unalienable, immutable, illimitable rights and liberties."
"The current majority on the Roberts Court may neuter the Bill of Rights, but they cannot so easily neutralize an armed citizenry that refuses to give up its natural rights."


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